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Information Sets

Licensing Use Scheme


LUI-LUC. License of Use for 25 years. Companies and final users can request any type of information available in the CNIH. In the specific case of seismic data, only processed final versions and migrated gathers are made available for licensing, NO field seismic information.


LUA. Annual Use License. It allows access to well packages for each area, through an annual license fee (which has to be renewed for at least 3 years). The license includes access to all the well data comprised in the selected area as well as to the ongoing updates.


LUE. License of Use for Academic Purposes. With the prior signing of a contract between Universities or Research Centers and the National Hydrocarbons Information Center, a License of Use for Academic Purposes can be attained if its use fulfills the needs of specific research projects.

ARES scheme

Companies authorized to perform reconnaissance and surface exploration (ARES) must request all the information they want from the CNIH; In the case of seismic data, all seismic information, including field data, is made available to authorized companies.



3D Seismic and migrated gathers Inventory (2020)
2D Seismic Inventory (2020)
Notice about coordinate systems


Visits for data visualization in Physical Data Rooms (CDMX)

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  1. Send an e-mail to [email protected] with the specific subject: Request for CNIH data visualization visit. Attach the visit request format.
  2. The CNIH will assign an appointment at the requested date. However, if there is no availability, CNIH will propose a different date in agreement with the interested party.
  3. The company must confirm the appointment.
  4. On the day of the visit, participants must present an official ID (Mexican nationals: voting credential, professional card or passport. Foreign visitors: Passport or residence card issued by the National Institute of Migration).
  5. To enter the building and additional ID will be required (driver’s license, company ID).
  6. Electronic, storage or communication devices such as computers, cell phones, usb, among others will not be allowed inside the data room. These objects can be stored in lockers located in the front desk of the data room.

Format for requesting visits to the CNIH Data Rooms                                         Download

Notice visits visualizations                                                                                Download