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New Production in Mexican Fields (updated as of December 2022)
03 February 2023

In the oil industry, a Field consists of one or several reservoirs, grouped or related according to geostructural aspects and stratigraphic conditions that are studied and developed with the aim of achieving hydrocarbons production1. Between 2019 and December 2022, 33 fields were counted in Mexico with new production of liquids; which can be classified into the following 3 categories: Priority Fields, New PEMEX´s Fields, and Fields in Contracts.


The Priority Fields2 of Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) are a set of fields developed with the purpose of contributing to the national production of hydrocarbons; to the date, the National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH) has approved a total of 17 Development Plans, and their modifications, related to these projects. Moreover, from 2019 to December 2022, PEMEX has incorporated 11 New Fields3 to the national production of hydrocarbons. Meanwhile, 5 Fields in Contracts4 started production: Amoca and Mizton fields (CNH-R01-L02-A1/2015 Operated by Eni Mexico), Hokchi field (CNH-R01-L02-A2/2015 Operated by Hokchi Energy), and Pokoch and Ichalkil fields (CNH-R01-L02-A4/2015 Operated by Fieldwood Energy E&P México).


To December 2022, the production of liquids in these projects amounts to 532 thousand barrels per day (kbpd), which are 203 kbpd more than the reported as of December 2021 (329 kbpd). Among the Priority Fields with the highest production of liquids stand out Ixachi, Mulach, and Koban with 37, 26, and 22 kbpd, respectively. While for the New Fields stand out Quesqui, Tupilco Profundo and Pokché with 170, 68, and 31 kbpd, respectively. As for the Contracts, the Hokchi, Miztón, Pokoch, Amoca, and Ichalkil fields report production of liquids of 27, 12, 11, 8, and 6 kbpd, respectively.


1/  For more information, please visit the CNH web site 

2/  Of 17 Priority Fields, 15 have had production as of December 2022.

3/  Refers to fields operated by PEMEX with production starting since 2019 and maximum monthly production of more than one thousand barrels per day.

4/ Considers Contracts with fields that started production since 2019 and maximum monthly production of more than one thousand barrels per day. The total production of liquids in current Contracts amounts to 196 kbpd as of December 2022.

Source: CNH



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