Statistic Analysis
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Over the last two years, Exploration and Production Contracts have generated US$3.106 billion in income to Mexican State
08 February 2019
  • In 2017 and 2018, signed Exploration and Production Contracts represented an income of US$3.106 billion for the Mexican State equivalent to MXN$57,580 million pesos*. Of all income received, 46% (US$1.434 billion) was received by the Mexican Oil Fund (MOF)1 with the remaining 54% (US$1.671 billion) received as transfers to Pemex2.
  • The income to the State via these Contracts represents approximately 32% of the income collected via the IEPS tax on gasoline and diesel sales in 2018, which reached a total of MXN$187,666 million pesos3.
  • Income to the MOF from Contract payments were distributed as follows: remunerations for US$575 million (40%), and signing bonuses for a total of US$860 million (60%).
  • Transfers to Pemex for US$1.671 billion were comprised of US$885 million in tie-breaker bonuses, and US$786 million in initial fees in the Trion, Cárdenas-Mora and Ogarrio farmouts.

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Source: National Hydrocarbons Commission, with information from the Mexican Oil Fund. For more information, please see:

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