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Statistic Analysis
2020 01 27 Production Results from Oil & Gas Contracts.png
2019 Production Results from Oil & Gas Contracts
28 January 2020

In 2019, production from contracts reached annual average production levels of  84.4 thousand barrels per day (mbbl/d).


This annual average represents a 48% increase with regards to annual average production in 2018.


During the month of December 2019, production from contracts reached 103 mbbl/d, comprised of the following:

  • 74.8 mbbl/d produced in Pemex contract migration areas,
  • 16.7 mbbl/d produced in contractual areas tendered in bidding rounds and
  • 11.4 mbbl/d produced in Pemex farm out areas.


For more information, please visit the Hydrocarbons’ Information System (, in the section “Production”, subsection “Production per Contract”.


Figures last updated in December 2019.

mbbl/d: thousand barrels per day

Source: Comisión Nacional de Hidrocarburos, with information from the Hydrocarbons’ Information System (“SIH”).

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New Entitlements Dashboard

The Commission makes available to the public a new tool to track Pemex entitlements that were tendered in Bidding Round Zero.

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National Database of oil fields

Visits the new interactive scorecard of National Database of oil fields, you can find it in section CNIH Services/Digital information


New System for the Consultation of Current Demand for Goods, Services and Human Capital

A joint strategy of the SENER, the CNH, and the SE, with the goal of providing tools to local service providers to facilitate their inclusion in the value chain.


Mexico's Prospective Resources: Perdido Area, Mexican Mountain Rages and Saline Basin, deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico

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Comming soon

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Guidelines Workshop

The presentation of the workshop on the Guidelines for the Use and Delivery of Information to the CNIH published in the Official Gazette of the Federation is made available to all interested parties.