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ENI México becomes the first private company to produce hydrocarbons in shallow waters in Mexico
02 September 2019

On September 30, 2015, Mexico held the bid presentation and envelope opening for Round 1 Tender 2, which resulted in the awarding of three oil and gas contracts1.

  • The company ENI MÉXICO, operator of Contract CNH-R01-L02-A1/2015, reported in July 2019, production of 5.42 thousand barrels per day from the well Miztón-2DEL, making it the first private company to produce hydrocarbons in shallow waters in Mexico.
  • Oil production from Contract CNH-R01-L02-A1/2015 is equal to 54% of the total production generated from contracts awarded in the bidding round through the month of July 2019, and 6% of total production from all contracts.
  • According to the Development Plan presented by the operator and approved by the Commission, the operator hopes to reach a peak of production of 90 barrels per day of oil and 60 million cubic feet of gas per day in the last quarter of 2021.
  • Income to the State is estimated to reach US$4.861 billion dollars during the next five years, and US$12.372 billion during the contractual period2.
  • Production from all contractual areas reached 85 thousand barrels per day in July 2019, equivalent to 5% of national production.


1 Corresponds to contracts tendered for Areas 1, 2 and 4

2 83.75% of Operating Profit in favor of the State, offered during the bidding round held by the CNH. For more information, please visit

More information available at the Hydrocarbons Information System of the National Hydrocarbons Commission, at:

Source: National Hydrocarbons Commission

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