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Oil & Gas Sector Monetary Flows
10 November 2022

CNIH Information Access & ARES/2

As of June 2022, a total amount of US$ 5.50 billion has been invested, of which US$ 5.18 billion came from Reconnaissance and Surface Exploration Authorizations (ARES, by its acronyms in Spanish) and US$ 320 million from revenues for the National Hydrocarbons Information Center (CNIH, by its acronyms in Spanish) information access and usage.

Regarding ARES activities, approximately 94% of the historical investments have been mainly carried out in the following years: 2015 (49%), 2018 (27%), 2021 (9%) and 2016 (9%).


Contract Activities/3

From 2015 to June 2022, a total investment of US$ 10.81 billion has been registered in petroleum related activities under contracts for: Exploration (22%), Appraisal (13%), Development (43%), Production (21%) and Abandonment (1%).

From 2018 to date, the largest proportion of reported investment is associated with the Petroleum Development Activity, mainly due to the start of production of Round 1.2 Contracts.


Payments to MOF + THEPA/4

As of June 2022, the State has received an accumulated income of US$ 6.21 billion as payments from Hydrocarbons Exploration and Extraction Contracts; approximately 63% are associated to the payment linked to the Operating Profit (State’s share of OP) applicable under  Production Sharing Contracts.



1.All Contracts awarded in the Bidding Rounds, Strategic Associations and Migrations are included. Transfers to Pemex up to June 2022; which are payments derived from Contracts by tiebreaker bonuses and initial contributions established in the bidding terms.  Source: &

2.Investments in CNIH Information & ARES up to june 2022. Source:

3.Reported investments in Contracts up to june 2022. Source:

4.Payments to MOF (Mexican Petroleum Fund for Stabilization and Development)+ THEPA (Tax on Hydrocarbons Exploration & Production Activities)  considering payments and bonuses  up to June 2022. Source: THEPA Estimations and Payments to MOF

5.State’s share of OP: Goverment’s share of Operating Profit, THEPA; Tax on Hydrocarbons Exploration & Production Activities, CFEP: Contractual Fee for the Exploration Phase.

Figures may vary due to rounding differences.




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Entitlements Dashboard

The Commission makes available to the public a new tool to track Pemex entitlements that were tendered in Bidding Round Zero.

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CNIH User Licenses and Agreements

Visit the National Hydrocarbons Commission Center section at


System for the Consultation of Current Demand for Goods, Services and Human Capital

A joint strategy of the SENER, the CNH, and the SE, with the goal of providing tools to local service providers to facilitate their inclusion in the value chain.

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Names of registered wells in Mexico

June 29, 2020: Browse names of registered wells in Mexico here.


Mexico's Prospective Resources: Perdido Area, Mexican Mountain Rages and Saline Basin, deep waters in the Gulf of Mexico

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