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In the Hydrocarbons Information System (SIH), you can view and download the historic production of oil and gas by well, as well as other statistics of interest regarding the Mexican oil sector provided by the National Hydrocarbons Commission.

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Over the last two years, Exploration and Production Contracts have generated US$3.106 billion in income to Mexican State
08 February 2019
  • In 2017 and 2018, signed Exploration and Production Contracts represented an income of US$3.106 billion for the Mexican State equivalent to MXN$57,580 million pesos*. Of all income received, 46% (US$1.434 billion) was received by the Mexican Oil Fund (MOF)1 with the remaining 54% (US$1.671 billion) received as transfers to Pemex2.
  • The income to the State via these Contracts represents approximately 32% of the income collected via the IEPS tax on gasoline and diesel sales in 2018, which reached a total of MXN$187,666 million pesos3.
  • Income to the MOF from Contract payments were distributed as follows: remunerations for US$575 million (40%), and signing bonuses for a total of US$860 million (60%).
  • Transfers to Pemex for US$1.671 billion were comprised of US$885 million in tie-breaker bonuses, and US$786 million in initial fees in the Trion, Cárdenas-Mora and Ogarrio farmouts.

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Source: National Hydrocarbons Commission, with information from the Mexican Oil Fund. For more information, please see: https://hidrocarburos.gob.mx/media/1834/hydrocarbons-payments.pdf




Oil mbd Nov-18


National production of hydrocarbons since 1960, disaggregated by license/entitlement or contract, location (state) and main production project. It includes natural gas production.


Reserves and resources


Reserves Mmboe 3P Jan-18

Reserves and resources

Hydrocarbons national reserves, by category 1P, 2P and 3P, disaggregated by oil field and license/entitlement or contract. It includes prospective resources and the relationship between production and reserves.


Petroleum activity


Wells operating Nov-18

Petroleum activity

Indicators of the evolution of the oil industry in Mexico, such as the number of wells drilled and finished, disaggregated by type of well, location and operator. It includes the number of drilling rigs and the number and type of hydrocarbon-producing wells.


Licenses/Entitlements and Contracts


Awarded contracts

Licenses/Entitlements and Contracts

Management of licenses/entitlements, contracts and tender processes in the hydrocarbons sector. It includes information related to the technical management and monitoring of licenses/entitlements and contracts.


Sales and prices


US$/b MME (14-Jan-19)

Sales and prices

Hydrocarbons' prices, according to international benchmarks and information from payments made to the Government from to the sale of hydrocarbons.





Estimated investment in contracts for exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons

Approved Investment in Exploration and Development Plans, and estimated investment in contracts for the exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, considering the exploratory success of contractual areas, disaggregated by contract and farm out bidding rounds.