Access, Delivery and Available Information

CNH grants public access to Physical Samples

Service Request

01. Access Request to Physical Samples Download
02. Service Request (Format)
03. Completion of Services (Format)
04. Commitment Letter
05. Payment promise

Digital information delivery

Acquisition of physical samples v01
Inventory of physical samples analysis v01

See the Access Guidelines for the Core Center here

Check Requirements and CNH Core Center Operation Guidelines here

All physical samples acquired since August 11, 2014, by Assignees, Contractors and Authorized (samples of outcrop) must be delivered to CNH in conditions that meet the standards established by the National Core Center

Sample Delivery at the National Core Center

Delivery Sample Formats (physical delivery)

Digital Information Delivery

Acquisition of Physical Samples v01
Inventory of Physical Samples Analysis v01

The preparation of the physical samples to be delivered to the National Core Center must be carried out according to the Physical Sample Delivery Guideline, download here


The CNIH puts at the disposal of its users the Core and Thin Sheet Catalog, which contains well images in high resolution

See Catalog

Inventory of Physical Samples at the Core Center

Inventory of Physical Samples at the Core Center